Is it a claim or a new action?

Every good lawyer must know what types of orders will vest jurisdiction in the appellate court. How post-judgment dissolution of marriage petitions are characterized affects their appealability. Appealability of post-judgment orders is often a vexing question in family law because the typical case is comprised of many claims… Read Full Article

Seminar Presenter

On January 10, 2011, Linda S. Kagan served as a Presenter at the New Members Division meeting
at the Chicago Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
Her topic was:
Consequences of Separation and Divorce in Illinois for Immigrants.

On May 9, 2007, Linda S. Kagan served as a presenter at the Appellate Lawyers Association Seminar entitled Appellate Law Nuts and Bolts Seminar held at the law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, Chicago, IL.
Her topic was:
Setting the Stage: Perfecting the Appeal, the Record on Appeal and Motion Practice in the Appellate Court.